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I. Bibliographies

Bibliography for the Identification of North American Freshwater Snails.  This is Rob Dillon's compilation of guidebooks, keys, monographs, systematic reviews, regional surveys, checklists, and any other published reference material potentially useful for identifying our freshwater gastropod fauna, 1900 - present.  It is available in three forms:

Please feel free to email Rob Dillon (dillonr@cofc.edu) with any additions or corrections you may have for this bibliography.

Freshwater Mollusk Bibliography Online.  A searchable database including over 10,000 references on freshwater mollusks worldwide.  This marvelous resource is a collaborative effort by Kevin Cummings (Illinois Natural History Survey), Art Bogan (North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences), Tom Watters (the Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity) and Chris Mayer (Illinois Natural History Survey).  Funded by the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.

II. Reference Works, on-line and downloadable

Cvancara, A. M.  (1983)  Aquatic mollusks of North Dakota.  North Dakota Geological Survey, Report of Investigation No. 78.  Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Home Page.   This online version (both downloadable and clickable) of the original 141 page work (covering bivalves as well as gastropods) is brought to you by the good folks at USGS.

Harrold, M. N. & R. P. Guralnick (2008)  A Field Guide to the Freshwater Mollusks of Colorado.  Colorado Division of Wildlife, Denver.  126 pp. PDF, 2.45MB..

Johnson, P. D. (2003)  Sustaining America's Aquatic Biodiversity: Freshwater Snail Biodiversity and Conservation.  A good general introduction to the freshwater gastropods.  Publication Number 420-530 of Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Lysne, S. (2009)  A Guide to Southern Idaho's Freshwater Mollusks.  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Idaho Office.  43 pp.  PDF,  9.5 MB.

Thompson, F. G. (1984) The Freshwater Snails of Florida, A Manual for Identification.  This clickable key is based on the 94 page original published by the University Presses of Florida.

Wethington, A. R. (2004)  Family Physidae.  A supplement to the workbook accompanying the FMCS Freshwater Identification Workshop, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.  PDF, 532k.

III. On-line Collections.  These are ranked by a crude estimate of their North American freshwater gastropod records available on-line, as of 5/09.  See the blog posts of 15Apr09 and 26May09 for explanations.

Systematic Research Collections of Recent and Fossil Mollusca.  This link takes you to a list of museums compiled by Kevin S. Cummings (Illinois Natural History Survey), Anton Oleinik (Purdue University), and John H. Slapcinsky (Field Museum of Natural History).

IV. Conservation

Conservation Status Ranks for the 57 species of freshwater gastropods inhabiting Southern Atlantic Drainages were proposed in my blog posts of December 2011, January 2012, and March 2012.  A pdf separate of those three essays is available here. [PDF]

NatureServe - Hit the "NatureServe Explorer" button and search a very nice database for the distribution of any North American freshwater gastropod by state.  The "heritage rank" is an overall estimate of conservation status. But see above.

US Fish & Wildlife Service Threatened and Endangered Species System (TESS).

IUCN Redlist of Threatened Species.

Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society - dedicated to the conservation of, and advocacy for, freshwater mollusks, America's most imperilled animals.

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