Table 2

The results of our freshwater gastropod survey of east Tennessee drainages compared to species lists from the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategies of the four states involved, giving synonyms where appropriate.  The first two columns show the FWGNA taxonomy for each species together with its number of records in our database.  The TN column shows the 20 east Tennessee freshwater gastropod nomina "of greatest conservation need" listed by the TWRA (2005), the VA column shows the 10 Tennessee-drainage freshwater gastropod species "of greatest conservation need" listed by VDGIF (2005), the GA column shows the 6 "high priority" Tennessee-drainage freshwater gastropod species listed by GDNR (2005), and the NC column shows the 2 "priority" Tennessee drainage freshwater gastropod species listed by NCWRC (2005).  Species represented by fewer than ten records are shaded.

Confirmed in this study
Pleurocera clavaeformis 289
Pleurocera curta, P. walkeri Pleurocera gradata, P. uncialis - -
Pleurocera simplex
Elimia aterina Elimia aterina - -
Leptoxis praerosa 134
Leptoxis praerosa Leptoxis praerosa -
Pleurocera troostiana 101
Elimia troostiana, E. arachnoidea, E. porrecta, E. striatula, E. strigosa, E. teres Elimia arachnoidea spinella Elimia striatula -
Io fluvialis
Io fluvialis Io fluvialis - -
Pleurocera canaliculata (both subspecies)
Pleurocera trochiformis - Pleurocera pyrenella, P. trochiformis -
Pomatiopsis cincinnatiensis
- Pomatiopsis cincinnatiensis - -
Pleurocera catenaria
Elimia interrupta Elimia catenaria - Elimia christyi
Leptoxis carinata
Leptoxis virgata -
- Leptoxis virgata
Lithasia verrucosa
Lithasia salebrosa -
- -
Somatogyrus parvulus 2 Somatogyrus parvulus -
- -
Somatogyrus virginicus
Somatogyrus sp. 2 Somatogyrus virginicus - -
Marstonia ogmorhaphe
Marstonia ogmorhaphe -
- -
Holsingeria unthanksensis
- Holsingeria unthanksensis
- -
Leptoxis crassa 1 Leptoxis crassa, L. crassa anthonyi -
Leptoxis crassa, L. crassa anthonyi -
- 0 Somatogyrus aureus -
- -


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