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Darwin Week in Charleston

The public is invited
to the sixth annual celebration of Darwin Week in Charleston.  This year's events are bigger, better, and more diverse than ever!  All events are free.  But arrive early - seats fill up fast!

Four Venues This Year.  The College of Charleston Science Center, recently named in honor of Rita Liddy Hollings, is located on the NE corner of Coming and George Streets.  The Stern Student Center is located on the SE corner of the same intersection.  (The Ballroom is on the fourth floor of the recently-renovated Center.)  Parking for events at both of these buildings is available in the city garage on the corner of St. Philip and Wentworth, two blocks south.  (Note - the George Street garage will be closed in February for renovation.)  Second Presbyterian Church is located at 342 Meeting Street, about four blocks east of campus.  There is plenty of parking available on the street, as well as in the lot behind the church, on Elizabeth Street.  The Citadel's Grimsley Hall is located at the north end of the drillfield, with parking available at the rear of the building.

Sunday, February 12
- Panel Discussion
Evolution and Intelligent Design: An Interfaith/Interdiscipinary Conversation.
A distinguished panel will examine the theological, educational, and legal implications surrounding the theories of evolution and intelligent design, in order to equip people of faith to engage these issues.
6:00 PM, Second Presbyterian Church sanctuary.  Reception in the fellowship hall, featuring Birthday Cake!

The Panel will be moderated by Dr. Albert H. Keller, MUSC Bioethicist and Pastor of Circular Congregational Church.  Panelists include Rev. George F. Coleman (St. Andrews Presbyterian Church), Dr. Todd Grantham (CofC Philosophy), Ms. Tamara Kirshtein (Science Coordinator, Charleston County School District), Judge Alex M. Sanders (Charleston School of Law), Dr. Dan W. Waddill (Environmental Engineering, U.S. Navy), and Dr. Jerry Waldvogel (Biology, Clemson University).

Happy 197th Birthday, Charlie!!

Monday, February 13
- Dr. Michael Ruse
Molecules to Men: Progress in Biology from Diderot to Dawkins.

What is the nature of progress and what is its relationship to evolution?  Dr. Ruse considers this question from the 18th century perspective of Diderot to the 21st century perspective of Dawkins.  Why did Darwin and Mendel not destroy the idea of progress and why does it flourish now?
4:00 PM, Stern Center Ballroom.  Sponsored by the Biology Club.

The Evolution-Creation Struggle
There is a major dispute today in America over the truth about origins -- did organisms including humans come as the end process of a long evolution, as described by Charles Darwin, or are we somehow miraculously produced as described in Genesis (or by Intelligent Design)?  Dr. Ruse will trace the dispute back to the Enlightenment, show why it is an American dispute, and offer reasons for its long persistence.
7:00 PM, Second Presbyterian Church sanctuary.  Reception and book signing to follow in the fellowship hall.

Dr. Michael Ruse is Lucyle T. Werkmeister Professor of Philosophy at Florida State University.  He is the author of over twenty books, including Darwin and Design (Harvard), The Evolution Wars (Rutgers), and Can a Darwinian be a Christian (Cambridge).  His visit is sponsored by the congregations of First (Scots) Presbyterian Church, Second Presbyterian Church, the Charleston-Atlantic Presbytery, Circular Congregational Church, and the College of Charleston School of Science and Math.

Tuesday, February 14 - Dr. Jeffrey Camper, Dr. Wade Worthen, and Dr. Michael Svec
Teaching Evolution in Turbulent Times.
Critics of evolutionary theory are mounting assaults on public school curricula across the USA.  South Carolina's 2005 high school evolution standards have not been spared from the controversy.  In this three-part presentation, Drs Camper, Worthen and Svec will describe the philosophy of science, the scientific merits of evolutionary theory, and the pedagogical issues surrounding the latest debates.  This presentation will be particularly useful for school teachers. 
4:00 PM
, CofC Science Center Room 121.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Camper is associate professor of biology at Francis Marion University, Dr. Wade B. Worthen is Professor of Biology at Furman University, and Dr. Michael Svec is Professor of Education at Furman University.  Their visit is sponsored by the Lowcountry Hall of Science and Math.

Wednesday, February 15 - Dr. Thomas J. Hilbish
Evolutionary history of marine mussels and the world’s oceans: a mussel’s view of the past 6 million years. 
What role has long-term climate variation played in the distribution of organisms common in the marine environments of today?  Dr. Hilbish shows how the genetic relationships among populations of common marine mussels can be used to make inferences regarding geographic and physiological barriers to larval dispersal, both today and in the evolutionary past. 
4:00 PM
, CofC Science Center Room 121.

 Dr. Jerry Hilbish is Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of South Carolina.  He specializes in the evolutionary biology, ecology, and physiological ecology of marine invertebrates.  His talk is sponsored by the CofC Biology Department.

Thursday, February 16
- Dr. K. Christopher Beard
The Hunt for the Dawn Monkey: Unearthing the origins of monkeys, apes, and humans.
Fossils recently unearthed in China and Myanmar (Burma) document a previously unknown phase in the evolution and diversification of the Primates.  Dr. Beard will show us how his discoveries demonstrate that the common ancestors of monkeys, apes, and humans originated in Asia millions of years earlier than paleoanthropologists had previously believed.  Sponsored by the Sociology/Anthropology Club.
5:00 PM, Stern Center Ballroom.  Sale and Signing of Dr. Beard's award-winning book to follow!

Dr. Chris Beard, a winner of the prestigious MacArthur Foundation "genius" award, is Curator and Head of the Section of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pa.  His visit is sponsored by
the Charleston Chapter of Sigma Xi.

Repeat Presentation of Dr. Beard's talk at The Citadel - 8:00 pm, Duckett Hall (not Grimsley Hall as previously announced!)

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