\Biology 112.003
Evolution, Ecology, and Biology of Organisms
at the College of Charleston

A foundation course for science majors providing an introduction to evolution and ecology, and a study of the major groups of organisms with an emphasis on their structure, function, and evolutionary relationships.
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R. T. Dillon
Science Center Room 200A,

1. Office hours are Tuesday & Thursday, 12:10 - 1:30 pm.  If these times don't suit, please make an appointment.

2. Attendance at lecture is not required.  But attendance for tests is another matter.  Contact me as soon as possible if you find you must miss a test.  Make-up tests taken in advance are generally equivalent to those administered to the class as a whole.  But regardless of your excuse, the later the make-up test, the greater its difficulty.

3. Homework.  You will notice that I have assigned chapters corresponding to each lecture topic.  Please do the reading before we discuss the subject in class, or immediately thereafter.  The questions at the end of each chapter are excellent practice for your tests.

4. Course grading.   3 midterms X 100 pts =  300
                                 Comprehensive final  =   200
                                                                         500 course total

The Grading scale will be as follows:  90% will be the lowest A, 80% the lowest B, 70% the lowest C, and 60% the lowest D.

5. Textbook - Biology, 5th Edition, by Campbell, Reece, and Mitchell.  There are a lot of valuable on-line resources at the textbook web page.  Click on the cover illustration at left, and check it out!

6. Prerequisites & Corequisites.  Biology 111 is a prerequisite for Biology 112, and Biology Lab 112L is a corequisite.  To be enrolled in 112 lecture, you must be enrolled in 112 lab.  A student who drops one of these two courses must also drop the other.

7. Labs begin the first full week of class.  Please purchase a Biology 112 Lab manual at the college bookstore and bring it with you to your first meeting.

Interesting Links:

Access Excellence -  a national educational resource for scientific information.  Originally developed and launched by Genentech, and currently operated by the National Health Museum.  Links to all manner of biological topics & news.

BIOWEB - The internet biological sciences resource, hosted by Cal State.

Inner Learning OnLine - An exploration of human anatomy, with graphics, animations, and links.

Online Biology Textbook - A huge amount of information, in 53 clickable chapters.

Scott's Botanical Links - A compiliation of useful and interesting botany education resources.