Rob Dillon's Video Archives

CofC Office of Media Relations shot this video in 2010, shortly after Amy Wethington, John Wise and I discovered a new species of freshwater snail "in our own backyard," Physa carolinae.

I stopped by to see our good friend Bobby Martin of Martin Microscope at the Society For Freshwater Science meeting in Milwaukee in May of 2015.  And we got to talking, and one thing led to another. And two months later, out popped a 5:57 video of an individual Physa acuta crawling around in circles.

Have you ever seen the Jimmy Kimmel gag, "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets?"  That bit of late-night foolishness seems to have inspired the students who produced this 2015 CisternYard Video, featuring four perfectly ordinary college professors and yours truly:

...Be sure to watch for the "come-back" after the credits!  Hee Haw!

The Charleston Post & Courier published a sweet "where-are-they-now" article about me in late February of 2018.  The online version of that article featured this little snippet of video:

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