Undergraduate Research Sponsored
R. T. Dillon
(All of these projects have been awarded undergraduate research credit, and presented as posters at annual C of C "Poster Days.")

1988. Faust, S.
A statistical comparison of Smilodont skeletal elements obtained for five Rancho LaBrean asphalt pits.

1989. Wethington, A.
Sperm storage and multiple insemination in the freshwater snail, Physa. Published As: Wethington, A.R., & R.T. Dillon (1991) Sperm storage and evidence for multiple insemination in a natural population of the freshwater snail, Physa. American Malacological Bulletin 9:99-102.

1989. Faust, S.
Distribution of fossil clams representative of the genus Mercenaria in the eastern US and Mexico.

1990. Giammona, S.
The effects of sediment and tide height on the growth of the hard-shell clam, M. mercenaria, in the Charleston area.

1990. Stewart, A.
A karyotypic comparison of 2 subspecies of the freshwater snail, Goniobasis catenaria.

1990. Eastman, E.
Sexual mating preferences of geographically isolated snail populations (Physa).  Paper: Eastman, Wethington, & Dillon. South Carolina Academy of Science, Conway 1992.

1991. Eastman, E.
No premating reproductive isolation in Physa.   Published as:  Wethington, Eastman, and Dillon (2000).  Tests for sexual isolation among populations of a simultaneous hermaphrodite, the freshwater snail Physa.   Proc. First Symposium of the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society.

1991. White, P.
Search for the Onchocerca catalase gene. (with E. R. James, MUSC)

1991. Spruill, J.
The effect of gestation period on regional transferrin production in rat placenta. (with R. J. Boockfor, MUSC)

1992. Bradley, R. J.
The inheritance of pigmentation in the freshwater snail, Physa. Paper: Bradley, Wethington, & Dillon. South Carolina Academy of Science, Conway 1992.

1992. Edmunds, H.
The effects of size and density on the growth and survival of the hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria.

1992. Bradley, R. E.
The heritability of 7-day fecundity in Drosophila melanogaster.

1993. Spade, S. A.
Measuring degree of pigmentation in the freshwater snail, Physa.

1994. Faust, S. M.
Morphological variation in copperhead populations native to South Carolina.

1994. Geiger, G. L.
Map distances between three chromosome two loci in Drosophila melanogaster, as estimated from 20 semesters of ugly data. Paper: Geiger & Dillon. South Carolina Academy of Science, Greenville 1995.

1994. Austin, J. R.
Genetic association between ulcerative colitis and GM/KM allotypes in a Japanese population. (with J. P. Pandey, MUSC)

1995. Austin, J. R.
Genetic association between ulcerative colitis and GM/KM allotypes in two Japanese populations. Paper: Austin & Dillon. South Carolina Academy of Science, Greenville 1995.

1995. Rosebrock, C.
Individual Instruction: A comparison of long-term trends in four science departments. Paper: Rosebrock & Dillon. South Carolina Academy of Science, Charleston 1996.

1996. Pacioreck, R. R.
Multivariate comparisons of dental and cranial morphology between two isolated Cercopithecus mona populations. (with D.A. Cope and M. E. Glenn)

1997. Taub, A.
Immunofluorescent evidence for the presence of the platelet-activating factor receptor on spermatozoa, oocytes, and preimplantation embryos. (with W. A. Roudebush, MUSC).

1998.  Greer, H.
Psychosocial issues of cystic fibrosis. (with D. Anderson, MUSC)

2000.  Jones, K. J.
Misoprostol versus Combination Therapy for Cervical Ripening Prior to Labor Induction. (with O. Rust, MUSC)

2000.  Ivey, J.
Variation in 16s rRNA gene sequence among geographic races of the freshwater snail, Goniobasis proxima.  (with R. C. Frankis)

2000. Reed, A. J.
A population genetic survey of freshwater snails of the Goniobasis catenaria group.  Published as:  Dillon & Reed (2001).  A survey of genetic variation at allozyme loci among Goniobasis populations inhabiting Atlantic drainages of the Carolinas.  Malacologia.

2000.  Felder, Q. M.
Genetic identification of scamp (Mycteroperca phenax), black grouper (Mycteroperca bonaci), and red grouper (Epinephelus morio).  (with R. W. Chapman, SC DNR)

2001.  Patel, S.
Mitochondrial 16s rDNA sequence variation among populations of the freshwater pleurocerid snail, Goniobasis proxima.  (with R. C. Frankis)

2001. Rhett, M. C.
Outcrossing among populations of the freshwater snail, Physa, verified using allozyme electrophoresis.  Paper:  Dillon, Wethington, Rhett & Smith.  American Malacological Society, Vienna, Austria 2001.  Published as: Dillon, R. T., A. R. Wethington, J. M. Rhett and T. P. Smith.  (2002)  Populations of the European freshwater pulmonate Physa acuta are not reproductively isolated from American Physa heterostropha or Physa integraInvertebrate Biology 121: 226-234.

2002.  Earnhardt, C. E.
No reduction in fecundity detected in populations of genetically diverse Physa.  (with A. R. Wethington and J. M. Rhett).  Published as: Dillon, R. T., C. E. Earnhardt, and T. P. Smith. (2004)  Reproductive isolation between Physa acuta and Physa gyrina in joint culture.  American Malacological Bulletin 19: 63 - 68.

2002.  McCullough, T.
The origins of sterility in experimentally hybridized populations of freshwater snails.  (with A. R. Wethington and C. E. Earnhardt).  Published as: Dillon, R. T., T. E. McCullough, and C. E. Earnhardt. (2005)  Estimates of natural allosperm storage capacity and self-fertilization rate in the hermaphroditic freshwater pulmonate snail, Physa acuta.  Invertebrate Reproduction and Development 47: 111-115.

2002.  Evans, Z.
AFLP Survey of CO1 variation in a freshwater snail.  (with R. C. Frankis and J. Pease)

2003.  Drennan, R.
Sperm sharing in pulmonate snails.

2004.  DeNitto, N.  
High levels of mitochondrial genome diversity in a population of the freshwater pulmonate snail, Physa - Admixture or reproductive isolation?  (with R. C. Frankis)

2005.  Cone, K. 
Snail distributions throughout South Carolina. (with J. Conkle, S. Dover, J. Leiser, K. McKinne, and N. Levine)

2007.  Herman, J.  
Life history, shell morphology, and genetic variation in the freshwater limpets Ferrissia fragilis and Ferrissia rivularis.  Published as: Dillon, R. T. and  J. J. Herman (2009)  Genetics, shell morphology, and life history of the freshwater pulmonate limpets Ferrissia rivularis and Ferrissia fragilis.  Journal of Freshwater Ecology 24: 261-271.

2011.  Berger, M.  
Altered versican cleavage in ADAMTS5 deficient mice: A novel etiology of myxomatous valve disease. (with C. Kern, MUSC)

2012.  Berger, M.
The role of lumican in cardiac valve development (with C. Kern, MUSC)