Continental Biogeography
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A long-term, collaborative effort to inventory the entire gastropod fauna inhabiting all fresh waters across the continental United States and Canada.
         Continental Synthesis
Mid-Atlantic - FWGMA
A study area including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and the West Virginia panhandle...   ›› more
Virginia - FWGVA
The survey reported here is focused on the eastern 75% of the state, draining from the Blue Ridge to the Atlantic...   ›› more
The four ecoregions of North Carolina drain toward the Atlantic through six major river systems...   ›› more
Although perhaps not as environmentally heterogeneous as neighboring states, South Carolina does include some...   ›› more
The Atlantic drainages of Georgia, comprising approximately 40% of the waters of the state, are presently covered...   ›› more
All waters of the Tennessee and Cumberland River drainages, touching six states...   ›› more
A survey of all waters draining into the Ohio River upstream from the mouth of the Tennessee/Cumberland at River Mile 920...   ›› more
The freshwater gastropod fauna of Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota is not famous for its biodiversity...   ›› more
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