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Species Index with Synonyms
Listed below are the 134 species and subspecies currently covered by the Freshwater Gastropods of North America Project, together with all generic and specific synonyms of which we are aware in the modern literature.

Biological taxonomy is a hypothesis regarding the evolutionary relationships of populations. Thus there is never a “correct” scientific name for any organism, although at any point in time there may a preferred name, and a series of names that have lost favor with the advance of science. Older, less-likely names become “synonyms.” A proliferation of synonyms is a healthy indicator of an active research interest in a group of organisms.

Synonyms may also be viewed negatively, however, as an impediment to governmental regulation.  For this reason, natural resource agencies generally favor standardized taxonomies, such as that offered for mollusks by Turgeon and colleagues (1998).  Although well meaning, efforts at taxonomic standardization are science-killers, and cannot be condoned.  

Note in the following table that some taxa listed as synonyms in North America remain valid on other continents.   Although Ancylus remains the preferred genus for the European Ancylus fluviatilis, for example, here in America all the species previously referred to Ancylus have been transferred to Ferrissia.

Genus Species FWGNA Taxonomy
Amnicola grana see Lyogyrus granum
Amnicola limosa
Amnicola lustrica see Marstonia lustrica
Anculosa   see Leptoxis
Ancylussee Ferrissia
Angitremasee Lithasia
Aplexa elongata
Aplexa hypnorum see A. elongata
Armigersee Gyraulus
Athearnia anthonyi see Leptoxis crassa
Australorbis   see Biomphalaria
Bakerilymnaeasee Lymnaea (Galba)
see Cipangopaludina
Biomphalaria obstructa see B. havanensis
Bithynia tentaculata
Bythinellasee Probythinella
Callininasee Viviparus
Campeloma crassulum see C. decisum crassulum
Campelomadecampisee C. decisum decampi
Campeloma decisum decisum
Campelomadecisum crassulum
Campeloma geniculatum see C. decisum
Campeloma integra see C. decisum
Campeloma limosa see C. decisum
Campeloma limum see C. decisum
Campeloma rufum see C. decisum
Cincinnatiacincinnatiensissee C. integra
Cincinnatia sp. (Waccamaw) see Floridobia
Cipangopaludina chinensis
Cipangopaludinamalleatasee C. chinensis
Clappia clappi see S. currierianus umbilicata
Clappia umbilicata see S. currierianus umbilicata
Dilatatasee Menetus
Elimia   see Pleurocera
Ferrissiacalifornicasee F. fragilis
Ferrissia fragilis
Ferrissia hendersoni see F. fragilis
Ferrissiamcneillisee F. fragilis
Ferrissiameekianasee F. fragilis
Ferrissia parallelus see F. rivularis
Ferrissiashimekiisee F. fragilis
Ferrissiawalkerisee F. fragilis
Ferrissia rivularis
Floridobiasp, Ogeechee
Floridobiasp, Waccamaw
Fontigens bottimeri
Fontigens morrisoni
Fontigens nickliniana
Fontigens orolibas
Fontigensspecies 1see F. hershleri
Fontigensspecies 2see F. benfieldi
Fontigensspecies 3see F. davisi
Fontigens tartarea
Fossaria   see Lymnaea (Galba)
Galba   see Lymnaea (Galba)
Gillia altilis
Goniobasis   see Pleurocera
Gundlachiasee Ferrissia
Gyraulus deflectus
Gyraulus hirsutus see G. deflectus
Gyraulus parvus
Haitia   see Physa
Hebetancylus excentricus
Helisoma anceps
Helisoma campanulatum
Helisomaduryisee H. scalare duryi
Helisoma eucosmium
Helisoma magnifica
Helisoma pilsbryi see H. trivolvis
Helisomascalarissee H. scalare scalare
Helisomascalare duryi
Helisomascalare scalare
Helisoma trivolvis
Hinkleyiasee Lymnaea
Holsingeria unthanksensis
Hydrobiajenkinsisee P. antipodarium
Io fluvialis
Ladislavellasee Lymnaea (Stagnicola)
Laevapex diaphanus see L. fuscus
Laevapex fuscus
Laevapexpeninsulaesee L. fuscus
Leptoxis anthonyi see L. crassa
Leptoxis carinata
Leptoxis crassa
Leptoxis dilatata see L. carinata
Leptoxis nickliniana see L. carinata
Leptoxis praerosa praerosa
Leptoxispraerosa umbilicata
Leptoxis subglobosa see L. praerosa & virgata
Leptoxis virgata
Leptoxisumbilicatasee L. praerosa umbilicata
Lioplax subcarinata
Lithasiaarmigera armigera
Lithasiaarmigera duttoniana
Lithasiaarmigera jayana
Lithasiaduttonianasee L. armigera duttoniana
Lithasiafuliginosasee L. geniculata fuliginosa
Lithasiageniculata fuliginosa
Lithasiageniculata geniculata
Lithasiageniculata pinguis
Lithasiajayanasee L. armigera jayana
Lithasia lima see L. verrucosa
Lithasiaobovatasee P. semicarinata obovata
Lithasiapinguissee L. geniculata pinguis
Lithasia salebrosa see L. verrucosa
Lithasiaspiculasee L. armigera
Lithasia verrucosa
Littorinidops tenuipes
Lymnaea catascopium
Lymnaea caperata
Lymnaea columella
Lymnaea cubensis/viator
Lymnaea dalli see L. cubensis/viator
Lymnaeaexiguasee L. humilis
Lymnaea elodes
Lymnaea emarginata see L. catascopium
Lymnaea exigua see L. humilis
Lymnaeaexilissee L. elodes
Lymnaeagalbanasee L. humilis
Lymnaeahendersonisee L. cockerelli
Lymnaea humilis
Lymnaea modicella see L. humilis
Lymnaea obrussa see L. humilis
Lymnaea parva see L. humilis
Lymnaeaperplexasee L. cubensis/viator
Lymnaeaperpolitasee L. cockerelli
Lymnaeareflexasee L. elodes
Lymnaea rustica see L. humilis
Lymnaeasonomaensissee L. cockerelli
Lymnaeatechellasee L. bulimoides
Lymnaeavancouverensissee L. bulimoides
Lymnaeaviatorsee L. cubensis/viator
Lyogyrus granum
Lyogyrus latus
Lyogyrus pupoideus see L. granum
Lyogyrus retromargo see L. granum
Lyogyrus walkeri see L. granum
Marstonia agarhecta
Marstoniaangulobasissee M. pachyta angulobasis
Marstonia arga
Marstonia decepta see M. lustrica
Marstonia gaddisorum
Marstonia halcyon
Marstonia lustrica
Marstonia ogmorhaphe ("ogmorphaphe") see M. olivacea
Marstoniapachyta pachyta
Marstoniapachyta angulobasis
Marstonia perlustrica see M. lustrica
Menetus alabamensis see M. dilatatus
Menetus brogniartianus see M. dilatatus
Menetus dilatatus
Menetus exacuous see Promenetus exacuous
Micromenetus   see Menetus
Mudalia   see Leptoxis
Nitocris   see Leptoxis
Notogillia sathon
Oxytrema    see Pleurocera
Paludina    see Viviparus
Physa acuta
Physa ancillaria see P. gyrina
Physa aurea see P. gyrina
Physa carolinae
Physa cubensis see P. acuta
Physa gyrina
Physa hendersoni see P. pomilia
Physa heterostropha see P. acuta
Physa heterostropha pomilia see P. pomilia
Physa integra see P. acuta
Physa pomilia
Physa sayii see P. gyrina
Physaskinnerisee P. jennessi
Physa species A see P. carolinae
Physa vernalis
Physella   see Physa
Physodon   see Physa
Planorbella   see Helisoma
Planorbula armigera
Planorbula jenksii see P. armigera
Pleuroceraacutasee P. canaliculata acuta
Pleurocera acutocarinata see P.clavaeformis clavaeformis
Pleurocera albanyensis see P. catenaria catenaria
Pleuroceraalvearesee P. laqueata alveare
Pleurocera arachnoidea ("arachnoides") see P. troostiana troostiana
Pleurocera aterina see P. simplex
Pleurocera boykiniana see P. catenaria catenaria
Pleurocerabrumbyisee P. canaliculata pyrenellum
Pleurocera caelatura see P. catenaria catenaria
Pleurocera canaliculata see P.canaliculata canaliculata
Pleuroceracanaliculata acuta
Pleurocera canaliculata canaliculata
Pleurocera canaliculata pyrenellum
Pleurocera caternaria see P. catenaria catenaria
Pleurocera catenaria catenaria
Pleurocera catenaria dislocata
Pleurocera christyi see P. catenaria catenaria
Pleurocera clavaeformis see P.clavaeformis clavaeformis
Pleurocera clavaeformis clavaeformis
Pleurocera clavaeformis unciale
Pleuroceracurrierianumsee P. canaliculata pyrenellum
Pleuroceracurreyana lyonisee P. troostiana lyonii
Pleurocera curtum (curta) see P. clavaeformis unciale
Pleurocera darwini see P. catenaria catenaria
Pleuroceradecampiisee P. troostiana perstriata
Pleurocera dislocata see P. catenaria dislocata
Pleurocera ebenum see P. simplex ebenum
Pleuroceraedgarianasee P. troostiana edgariana
Pleurocera floridensis timidus
Pleurocera gabbiana
Pleurocera georgiana see P. modesta
Pleurocera gerhardtii see P. modesta
Pleurocera glarea see P. floridensis timidus
Pleurocera gradatum see P. clavaeformis unciale
Pleurocera hastatum see P. clavaeformis unciale
Pleurocera induta see P. floridensis timidus
Pleurocera interrupta see P. catenaria catenaria
Pleuroceralaqueata alveare
Pleurocera laqueata laqueata
Pleurocera lecontiana see P. catenaria catenaria
Pleuroceralivescenssee P. semicarinata livescens
Pleuroceralyonisee P. troostiana lyonii
Pleurocera modesta
Pleurocera mutabilis mutabilis see P. catenaria catenaria
Pleurocera mutabilis timidus see P. floridensis timidus
Pleurocera nobile see P.canaliculata canaliculata
Pleurocera parvum see P. clavaeformis unciale
Pleurocerapauperculasee P. troostiana perstriata
Pleuroceraperstriatasee P. troostiana perstriata
Pleurocera porrecta see P. troostiana troostiana
Pleurocera postelli (Lea 1858) see P. catenaria catenaria
Pleurocerapostelli (Lea 1862)see P. clavaeformis unciale
Pleurocera proxima
Pleurocerapybasiisee P. troostiana perstriata
Pleurocera pyrenellum see P. canaliculata pyrenellum
Pleurocera rubella see P. troostiana troostiana
Pleurocera semicarinata livescens
Pleurocerasemicarinata obovata
Pleurocerasemicarinata semicarinata
Pleurocerasimplex ebenum
Pleurocera simplex simplex
Pleurocera simplex, "skinny form" see P. gabbiana
Pleurocera spinella see P. troostiana troostiana
Pleurocera striatula see P. troostiana troostiana
Pleurocerastriatumsee P. canaliculata pyrenellum
Pleurocera strigosa see P. troostiana troostiana
Pleurocera suturalis see P. catenaria catenaria
Pleurocera symmetrica see P. proxima
Pleurocera teres see P. troostiana troostiana
Pleurocera timida exul see P. floridensis timidus
Pleurocera timida timida see P. floridensis timidus
Pleurocera trochiformis see P. canaliculata pyrenellum
Pleuroceratroostiana edgariana
Pleuroceratroostiana lyonii
Pleuroceratroostiana perstriata
Pleurocera troostiana troostiana
Pleurocera unciale ("uncialis") see P. clavaeformis unciale
Pleurocera viennaensis see P. catenaria catenaria
Pleuroceravittatellasee P. troostiana troostiana
Pleurocera virginica
Pleurocera viridulum see P. clavaeformis unciale
Pleurocera walkeri see P. clavaeformis unciale
Pomacea insularum see P. maculata
Pomacea maculata
Pomacea paludosa
Pomatiopsis cincinnatiensis
Pomatiopsis hinkleyi see P. lapidaria
Pomatiopsis lapidaria
Pomatiopsis praelonga see P. lapidaria
Potamopyrgusjenkinsisee P. antipodarum
Probythinellalacustrissee P. emarginata
Promenetus exacuous
Pseudosuccinea   see Lymnaea (Pseudosuccinea)
Pyrgulopsis see Marstonia (mostly)
Pyrgulopsisscalariformissee Marstonia scalariformis
Pyrgulopsismississippiensissee Marstonia scalariformis
Pyrgulopsiswabashensissee Marstonia scalariformis
Rhodacmeaeliatorsee R. filosa
Rhodacmeahinkleyisee R. filosa
Segmentina   see Planorbula
Seminolinasee Helisoma
Sibirenautasee Aplexa
Somatogyrus alcoviensis see S. virginicus
Somatogyruscurrierianus currierianus
Somatogyruscurrierianus umbilicata
Somatogyrusdepressussee S. integra
Somatogyrus georgianus see S. virginicus
Somatogyrus parvulus see S. currierianus currierianus
Somatogyrus pennsylvanicus
Somatogyrusrheophilussee S. virginicus
Somatogyrus tenax see S. virginicus
Somatogyrustrothissee S. integra
Somatogyrusumbilicatasee S. currierianus umbilicata
Somatogyrus virginicus
Spilochlamys turgida
Spirodon   see Leptoxis
Stagnicola   see Lymnaea
Taphius   see Biomphalaria
Torquissee Gyraulus
Valvata bicarinata
Valvata tricarinata
Viviparus georgianus
Viviparus intertextus
Viviparus subpurpureus
Walkerillasee Somatogyrus