Information Sheet
A summary of background and program information for Piccolo Darwin Week as a two-page pdf document.

Application Form
...needed to reserve space for your class in the afternoon programs at The College February 11 - 13. Download this MS Word document, fill it out, and send it to Dr. Rob Dillon today!

Event Venues

Liberty Square Park
is located near the South Carolina Aquarium, at the east end of Calhoun Street.   Parking is conveniently available in the municipal garage.

The School of Science and Math Auditorium, College of Charleston

is located at the NW corner of Coming and Calhoun Streets, across from the CofC Library. The Auditorium is to your left as you enter from Calhoun Street, Room 129.The closest parking garage is two blocks south, at St. Phillips and George.

A map of the CofC Campus is available online.

The US Science & Engineering Festival
Washington, DC

Citadel STEM Center of Excellence
A collaborative of The Citadel's Schools of Education, Engineering, and Science & Math

S2TEM Centers SC
A network of education specialists focused on economic development through improvement in K-12 STEM Education.

Darwin Week in Charleston
Our parent organization, now in its 14th year!
The International Darwin Day Foundation, celebrating Science and Humanity.

Evolution Weekend
An opportunity for serious discussion on the relationship between religion and science, from The Clergy Letter Project.

Evolution of the Universe... in a Necklace?

Saturday, Feb 8, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Liberty Square Park
Activity leader - Ms. Amy Monsky

For all Elementary age children - No reservations required!

A bead for the galaxies, a bead for our solar system, a bead for life, and a bead for us ourselves!  Participants will be able to easily recount the story of life after making a beautiful necklace of beads highlighting the major evolutionary events.  Join Ms. Amy Monsky as she leads a retelling of the origin of the universe from the big bang to you.

Ms. Amy Monsky is a mother of three, President of the Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry, and Camp Director for Camp Quest South Carolina.  She'll be leading her activity from the College of Charleston tent at the STEM Festival.

The Universe Verse

Tuesday, Feb 11, 1:30 - 2:30 PM
CofC School of Science & Math Auditorium
Mr. James Lu Dunbar

For Grades 7-12, Reservations Required.

From the Big Bang to the scientific method, Jamie Dunbar explains the origins of the universe, life on Earth and the human race in The Universe Verse, a series of scientifically accurate, rhyming comic books.   Mr. Dunbar uses captivating illustrations and whimsical rhymes to make challenging and abstract concepts accessible and engaging for a wide audience.  Join the author as he reads from and expounds upon this charming ode to science and evolution.

Mr. James Lu Dunbar is an author and illustrator from the San Franciso Bay Area who has published two books, "BANG!" about the origin of the universe and "It's Alive!" about the evolution of life.  His work on human evolution, "Great Apes!" is due in September 2014.

Animal Attraction

Wednesday, Feb 12, 1:00 - 2:00 PM
CofC School of Science & Math Auditorium
Mr. Scott Snider

For Grades 7-12, Reservations Required.

What do females want?  And just how far are males willing to go to win a mate and pass on their genes?  You'd be surprised at what animals do for love!  International wildlife photographer Scott Snider will present a fun and fascinating look at courtship in the animal kingdom, revealing amazing discoveries which give new meaning to the words "animal attraction."  Mr. Snider will share some of the behind the scene moments and unorthodox techniques used by scientists to reveal some of the sexual selection strategies animals have evolved to find their mates.

Mr. Scott Snider is Director of Photography for Half Moon Productions, travelling around the world but based in the Charleston area. He has over 40 credits for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS Nature, History Channel, Discovery Health, the National Park Service, and numerous NGO's.

Your Most Ancient Relatives: Chemosynthetic Bacteria?

Thursday, Feb 13, 1:30 - 2:30 PM
CofC School of Science & Math Auditorium
Dr. Leslie Sautter & Dr. Craig Plante

For Grades 7-12, Reservations Required.

In 1977, scientists diving in the submersible Alvin made a stunning discovery on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean: vents pouring incredibly hot, mineral-rich, acidic fluids from beneath the seafloor, inhabited by previously unknown organisms thriving on "toxic" compounds in the absence of sunlight. These discoveries forever changed our understanding of Earth and life on it.  Marine geologist Dr. Leslie Sautter and marine biologist Dr. Craig Plante will present awe-inspiring video of the one-mile deep hydrothermal vent ecosystem found on Axial Seamount, located 300 miles off the Oregon coast, and discuss new discoveries leading to implications for the origin of life on earth.

Dr. Leslie Sautter is Associate Professor of Geology at the College of Charleston and Director of Project Oceanica, integrating education with ocean research and exploration.  Dr. Craig Plante is Professor of Biology at CofC and Director of the Graduate Program in Marine Biology.  His research interests include marine benthic biology, microbial ecology, and animal-microbe interations.